[Follow-up]: ABCs of a Successful Week – Tell About Your Wins! #TipTuesday

How will YOU make this week Successful? #TipTuesday #SuccessTips

Your Career Coach, Liz

By Liz daRosa @lizdaRosa

Let’s talk about OUR successes from last week and build on each others WINS!

ABC follow-up

Recap on ABCs of  Successful Week – Self-Reflection & Self-Rating

Attitude & Action (Plan)

Results: Maintained a positive attitude and developed a comprehensive Plan for the week. I spent more time in one area of my Plan then I’d anticipated – I realized this on Thursday but adjusted so my time on Friday was more equally distributed. The weekend I focused on developing my brand on Twitter (specifically my #meGoal hashtag) along with growing quality (targeted) connections.

(Self) Rating: B+

Adjustment for this Week: Spend more time attracting (finding) qualified individuals for our Corporate Clients’ open positions.

Be Present

Results: (Slightly) Distracted while spending time with my family – checking social media and emails. I remained on-point with coaching clients, business development & networking interactions.

(Self) Rating: C+


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2 thoughts on “[Follow-up]: ABCs of a Successful Week – Tell About Your Wins! #TipTuesday

  1. I like this idea of setting goals for the day and then grading yourself at the end of the day on how close you got to the goals you had set. It’s a great way to celebrate wins and pinpoint areas that need more focus.

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