What You & Michael Jordan Have in Common Is… (#Coaching)

By Liz daRosa @lizdaRosa

When Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls they won 6 championship titles in 8 years. Jordan retired from the NBA in 1999 and most recently made the Forbes 2015 Billionaire’s List. To say Michael Jordan achieved success on the court is an understatement. However, as talented as he was he didn’t win the championships alone, he had dedicated and talented teammates along with a supportive and experienced Coaching staff behind him.

Even the Great Ones

A Coach:

  • Is a Support System: Motivates, encourages, redirects negativity and is a sounding-board
  • Identifies Gaps: Determines what gaps exists from your goals and what you need to get there
  • Anticipates Obstacles: Looks ahead to see where the roadblocks may be and creates ways to avoid them
  • Has a Strategic Focus: Has a big picture game plan for you based on your goals
  • Helps Plan the Plays: Assists you in goal-setting and achievement
  • Is a Cheerleader: Celebrates & encourages your wins

I am a hands-on Coach, so in addition to the above, I bring the following skills sets and talents.

  • I’m a Doer: Craft job-specific resumes (civilian & Federal), Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letters, Networking Letters, and Thank You Letters.
  • Goal-Oriented & Success Focused: Practices & encourages setting #meGoals (meaningful + exciting = increased success)  
  • I’m a Trainer: Provides you with tangible best practices on interviewing and networking opportunities in your field/geographic area.
  • I’m a Champion for You! Information on a prospective employer as you prepare for an interview. I’ll make introductions with hiring managers and key decision makers in organizations that are hiring.
  • Reasonably Priced: If you have shopped around you’ll notice other career coaches charge two and three times my fees. I realize you are in transition and I’ve priced my services accordingly.
  • I offer a Free Initial Call: I don’t expect anyone to work with me without first talking to me to see if we are a good match

So when you decide you want to embrace your ‘greatness’ and get a Coach, give me a call. Let’s see if we have chemistry and if working together makes sense for both of us. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Your Career Coach, Liz

About the Author: Liz daRosa is a dedicated coach, presenter and trainer focused on helping those in career transition successfully navigate challenges. She works with individuals as they set up a #smallbiz to give it a kick-start to success. Liz lived in the Chicago area when Michael Jordan & Phil Jackson brought the 6 championship wins home to the Windy City. She blogs at http://lizbeardmoredarosa.com and tweets at @lizdaRosa.

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