How-to Network on Social Media (#PersonalBranding): Be More Connected!

by Liz daRosa @lizdaRosa

Social Media allows us to be connected to people we will never meet, who live across the world or just across the street.

In Step 3: Own It & Grow Your Network! I talked about designing a Social Media Marketing Strategy. I thought I was going to explore Instagram next, however I just joined Pinterest. I started off by pinning a few motivational and inspirational Boards to supplement the quotes I share on the blog. I see these Boards and quotes as part of my brand so I am associated with creating positivity and fostering success for individuals.

Here are the platforms I’m on & what I’m doing:

Pinterest: Pin Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

Twitter: Tweet career tips, motivation & personal branding tips

LinkedIn: Connect with interesting professionals

Blog: Blog success strategies for professionals & smallbiz owners

What Social Media platforms are you on? What do you do on them? Which one do you do the most networking?

I network the most on Twitter. First, I tweet. In 140 characters I engage many different segments on Twitter using #hashtags from #motivation to #growthhacking to #socialmedia to #leadership and many others. I include my emojis and other pictures with my tweets. Second, I have an automatic message I send to new Followers which thanks them, gives them my blog address and requests their blog/website address. When I receive a blog/website I log on and sometimes I make a comment on their site. My follow-up is to send them a Direct Message and let them know a positive aspect of the site. Third, I attend tchats several times a week.

There are daytime and evening tchats. Here’s a sampling of the tchats I’ve attended. Someone ‘owns’ the chat and they either facilitate a discussion or have a guest tweeter who answers questions and interacts with the chat attendees.

Sunday night, I attended the #NostalgiaChat and we talked about cars.

Topic, the car that got us to/from prom. My Tweet: Limo there & b’friends dark green muscle car home!

Another topic, our ideal car (real or dreamed). My Tweet: Porsche (mid 70s) that can chg into a plane & b submerged! Top that!

There were over a dozen attendees and I gained additional ‘Followers’ who I now know. Sharing these details creates connections and brings people back week after week. The networking and deeper connection can grow throughout the week until the next #NostalgiaChat.

Last night I attended #SocialChat tchat where we discussed what metrics can maximize our social engagement and how to present & explain the data and leverage it to increase meaningful engagement.

Topic, reporting data. My tweet: Add on: No ‘fake it til u make it’ with data!

These two tchats were vastly different but still great networking opportunities. I got targeted quality connections from both and hope for great future networking during future chats or via DM or tweeting.

Where do you Network the most? What is the most beneficial for you? Comment here or send me an email. Let me know how your Social Media networking works for you and if it doesn’t how we can improve it and strengthen your personal branding and get you more targeted connections.

Even though you and I are probably connected on ONE social network, let’s maximize our networking and Be More Connected on other platforms!

Your Career Coach, Liz

About the Author: Liz daRosa is a Coach for highly motivated individuals who want to reach more success. She assists with personal branding and career success. Liz wants to be more connected with you, she blogs at Your Career Coach, Liz and tweets here.

Visit Liz’s profile on Pinterest.

7 thoughts on “How-to Network on Social Media (#PersonalBranding): Be More Connected!

  1. The caution that I would add to your sage advice is to ensure you don’t get into a chat that could be embarrassing to you or your company. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed! This actually came up in a tchat last week (#IntegratedChat, Tues at 8pm EST). We were talking about ‘disclaimers’ in Profiles that say “My opinions/Tweets don’t represent my employer.” However, ONE ‘mis-tweet’ can get a person fired or ruin their reputation or… Even with a disclaimer when you write something in social media it’s out there & represents YOU! Think before you post, email, pin, blog…be smart & don’t embarrass yourself, use social media to build your brand, not break it!
      I appreciate your insight Tony.


  2. It’s ALWAYS a good idea to think before you post (or speak). Keeping it professional, as you always do, works for everyone.


  3. Although my experience with social media is limited, your advise utilizing the different sites when looking for a position is on-point. Remember once you post a comment you cannot take it back.

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    • I remember you sharing with me that when you were at work you didn’t use the computer for personal use let alone to make a post on social media. One of the great takeaways is: follow the rules and use our time/make comments appropriately.


  4. There’s a LOT of ‘noise’ on LinkedIn! One thing I do is consistently ‘follow’ the activity & endorse a connection I want to build a closer networking relationship with before sending them an email offering them something free. This (if they see value in it) starts the convo. Another ‘tip’ is that I actively make new posts & like/comment on folks to cultivate the next level… Just like Twitter, you need to be selective and very pro-active with your LinkedIn activity. Great to meet you in #IntegratedChat last night. I appreciate your post & hope we do future networking/collaboration.


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