Step 2: How to Kick-Start a #Smallbiz (March #TipTuesday Series)

By Liz daRosa @lizdaRosa

This is the second in a series of five on Steps to Kick-Start a Smallbiz. Last week we discussed where it all starts – your passion, without your passion you won’t have enough desire to see things through nor will it sustain you when things are tough.

Step 2. Brand It!

Once you’ve identified your passion, you need to Brand it! Work through who your Market is, what your tagline should be and then design a logo. These 3 items will get you on the road to branding your passion. I’ve included a visual to illustrate how I address these items & Brand It!

Passion:          Product or Service

Market(s):      Who is your market? Where can you reach them? What problem are you solving?

Likely when you identified your passion, you intuitively knew the market segment(s) you would reach with the product or service. If you have no idea who your market is then you need to revisit your passion and determine if it’s suited for a smallbiz endeavor or if it’s simply a hobby. If you don’t understand your Market(s) you can have the best logo, snappiest tagline and an innovative product or service but you’ll never reach your Market (more on this next week with Step 3).

If your Market is halfway across the world you will undoubtedly need to have a solid online presence. However, if your Market is in your community you may not need to have any web presence. If you aren’t sure the scope of your Market do some research (i.e. talk to other smallbiz owners, look where other similar products/services are ‘sold’) but at some point you’ll have to take the leap. There are no mistakes; you are a pioneer of your product/service. I would advise mastering one medium at a time so you can gain some successes, you are able to effectively manage it and you don’t spread yourself too thin.

Tagline:          Does it reflect you & your passion?  Does it cover your niche?

Once you come up with a dozen possibilities have trusted family members and/or friends review them. Outside feedback is essential for a smallbiz owner.

I came up with an idea the other day that I thought was ‘great’ – when I passed it around I got a mild response of ”it’s ok, but I’m not inspired.” While I was initially a little ‘upset’ I took a fresh look and realize I was missing a Call to Action so I added that into the title – and the feedback was “now, I’m inspired!” You need to be Resilient to criticism and to silence when your email in-box isn’t overflowing with requests for your assistance. Remember, sometimes you need to #TweakUrAttitude and try it again for it to work.

Logo:              Is it recognizable? Will it resonate with your Market(s)?

Take note that even though I use the term ‘logo’ I didn’t engage the services of a graphic designer. Since mine is a service business, I am my product so I’ve chosen my ‘signature’ to reflect the personal touch I give my Clients. While I don’t believe you need to pay someone to create any of this for you, make sure what you pick suits your passion and your business.

Kick-Start a Smallbiz - Step 2

I want to hear from you & how you are doing on Step 2. Let me know if you need my opinion (I give those for FREE, just ask my husband!)

Your Career Coach, Liz

About the Author: Liz daRosa is a #smallbiz owner who has a passion for helping people succeed. She coaches #smallbiz owners on how best to attract more quality customers/clients. Liz regularly blogs at and tweets at @lizdaRosa, join the discussion!


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