Spring Clean Now!: #SparkJoy in Your Life

By Liz daRosa @lizdaRosa

Last Friday, my post was on how to #SparkJoy in your work-life by removing clutter in your Spaces: Physical, Mental and Human Interactions. Did you reflect on those areas and remove the clutter? I did – I tackled my Physical workspace and ended up with 2 large garbage bags (to throw out) and a box of books to donate. This made my desk and surrounding area feel like a ‘better’ more productive place to be.

But this was only the first step. I needed to look at how my ‘head space’ was – as I removed clutter from my Mental Space. As I said before, I’m not a therapist but when I’m honest with myself about the ‘stuff’ that fills my head, I realize that much of it is needless and can be very harmful to my success and motivation levels – so it needed to go!

I removed the clutter in my Human Interactions as well. I identified a few relationships that weren’t beneficial and moved on while realizing others were more important so I reprioritized. All-in-all it was a process that wasn’t easy but was worthwhile and I week I was highly productive, personally and professionally.

Today begins Spring, so I urge you to make time to Take Action and Spring Clean this weekend! Look at your SPACES: Physical, Mental & Human Interactions and clean them up. Don’t you want to #SparkJoy in more aspects of your life?

Post how you have removed clutter and what impact that made in your work-life. If you are stuck and can’t seem to remove the clutter from your life that’s keeping you from reaching next level success, let’s talk!

Your Career Coach, Liz

About the Author: Liz daRosa coaches highly motivated individuals to reach that next level of success. She is a career blogger at Your Career Coach, Liz and tweets career strategies and motivation at @lizdaRosa. Additionally, Liz provides inspiration, motivation and actionable plans to her clients so they can enjoy more success in their career journey.

3 thoughts on “Spring Clean Now!: #SparkJoy in Your Life

  1. Great idea! Spring cleaning around the house is such a natural thing to think about, but I like the reminder to spring clean everything else that occupies your mind as well.


    • Thanks for stopping by Robyn! It’s a lot easier to pack up the physical – outlook and attitude takes a lot of conscious discipline to wade through. I look forward to more exchange of ideas with you!


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