Liz has been awesome at navigating me through LinkedIn to help me build a powerful profile that has attracted a lot of attention…If you need help rethinking your LinkedIn profile, Liz is your coach. (Smallbiz Owner)

Liz’s ability to communicate ideas and action items are exceptional. I recommend anyone looking to increase their career transition knowledge contact her immediately. (Senior Leader in Transition)

Before working with Liz my federal applications were stagnant. With her assistance I had several applications chosen as ‘best qualified’ and were moved forward. I’m very pleased with her services and high level of engagement. (Colonel, U.S. Army)

Liz is one of the most optimistic individuals I have ever talked with and she builds your confidence that “things will be alright.” Which is just the type of person you need around you in the middle of a job search. Liz pulls out the positives and helps you develop a clearer resume that represents you in a professional manner and communicates directly with you to ensure you are maintaining a high level of enthusiasm as together you work towards the same goal; you employed. (Executive in Transition & Major (R), U.S. Army)

Your Career Coach, Liz

My Goal is to Exceed Your Expectations!

I am thankful for Liz’s ability to transfer my military jargon and experience into business “speak”. I highly recommend Liz to any military veteran transitioning out of the service. (Major, U.S. Army)

It was a joy working with Liz on projects together and I could always depend on Liz to communicate in a timely fashion. You will find Liz to exceed all of your expectations if you get the opportunity to work with her. Thanks Liz – you are the best! (Executive in Transition)

Speaking with Liz was extremely easy from the beginning because the rapport she established was sincere and you can tell she has a true passion for assisting military members. Liz is very knowledgeable of not only the military and its programs but also knows how to extract all of the experiences one has gained while serving. (MSG & Senior Recruiter, U.S. Army)


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