Email Me Today! But Only IF You Want More Successes!

by Liz daRosa (Your Career Coach Liz)

Last week I set a meGoal and published my daily progress. Even though achieving it didn’t get me anything tangible, per se, it was a great feeling to set a goal, work on it and achieve it!

It builds our self-confidence and shows us where we need to make adjustments in our actions, expectations and behavior. This helps us grow more successes in our personal and professional lives.

I wonder as we start a new week what goal will you focus on? Want to taste success at the end of the week?? Let’s do this together!

Let's do this together!

Let’s do this together!

Post your meGoal (meaningful + exciting) below or send me an email ( I’ll check in with you every day to see how it’s going and if you need any support. Any goal is fair-game and is a worthy goal if YOU want it so don’t be shy or think your goal isn’t ‘big’ enough.

You got this! I love how success feels, do you???

To Our Successes! Liz

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