Want to be on Twitter? How to Start a Personal Brand (#TwitterTips)

by Liz daRosa @lizdaRosa

Last Friday, I held a free Twitter webinar. I wanted to capture the information for those who were interested but weren’t able to attend.

If you’ve decided to join the Twitterverse you need to make sure to brand yourself in the way you want. We all know when you put information out on the Internet, it becomes a permanent part of your brand. Be deliberate when crafting your personal brand online. Here are 5 tips to creating your personal brand on Twitter.

Personal Branding on Twitter

Personal Branding on Twitter

I have 3 separate profiles on Twitter because of my divergent interests. One is focused on career coaching (@lizdaRosa), another on motherhood (@DrLizdaRosa) and the last is on road racing (@RoadRacing_Liz). This allows me to share unique content and build my brands on their own with online relationships focused on these subjects.

Content is Queen! There are many applications that can assist you (many have free basic packages) in curating content. I probably curate a third of the content I post across social media. The other half I create myself. There are many applications out there to help you curate content, but I use: Buffer and Klout.

Hashtags are Critical! Increasing engagement with your posts means finding the ‘right’ hashtags for your content and using them. Take the time to research hashtags that fit with your content, some of the ones I use are: #MotivationalQuotes, #CareerAdvice, #TipTuesday, #MomsRock, #MeatlessMonday, #Gratitude) and use them when you post and respond.

Use a Graphic! Not only will an engaging graphic catch the eye of people on Twitter but it will increase the chances your post will be shared. People want dynamic, informative and inspirational graphics/content on their feeds. This will add perceived value to your posts. Take the time to create (i.e. Canva) or curate pictures or infographics to include with your posts.

Save Time: Schedule Your Posts! You don’t need to be online every minute but you can have your content online as much or as little as you’d like. Using an application that schedules posts will allow you to save time throughout the week and have your content online all week even when you are busy doing something else.

Again, there are many applications to schedule content, I use: Buffer, Klout, Post Planner and Sprout Social. Scheduling posts in advance frees me up from being tied to my computer at a specific time but still allows me to engage with those who respond to my posts or share my content.

Meaningful Relationships with Tweeps – A Must! An important part of developing your personal brand is making relationships with Tweeps. In order to develop these relationships you need to go beyond the 140 characters in each post.

There are many ways to do this: 1) Attend Twitter chats to engage a small group on a specific topic; 2) Monitor Twitter feeds of those you want to develop a relationship with by turning on ‘Notifications’ of their tweets and engage with their content. 3) Share their content with your Followers, add on to their content (with attribution) and being a genuine dialogue with them.

This should help you get started on Twitter. These are initial tips to brand yourself on Twitter. Reach out to me and we’ll get the ‘You’ you’d like out there in the Twitterverse. If you are on Twitter, let’s connect and be more connected!

Your Career Coach, Liz

About the Author: Liz daRosa helps highly motivated individuals get more career success through crafting and executing a personal brand. She blogs at Your Career Coach, Liz and Motherhood Muse.

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