It’s Friday: Dig In & Keep Hustling! (#FridayHustle, #SuccessTips)

by Liz daRosa @lizdaRosa

This week on social media my message was the same, Hustle; from Tuesday until today I’ve done a daily Hustle Check-In. The daily message was to reflect on progress and note anything that needed to be changed to get back on track with the set goals.

Even though today is Friday, you still have the entire day to make things happen. Take 10 minutes before you get started to determine the ONE thing you did this week that brought you the most business, customers, appointments (whatever your goal). Since today is the last day of the week to make an impact on your weekly goal, re-do that one activity today.

It's Friday!! How was your week?

It’s Friday!! How was your week?

We have a tendency to be more relaxed on a Friday, don’t fall into that mindset and let the day slip away from you. Focus and repeat your highest yielding activity of the week.

Reach out if you need help readjusting your focus. I’m around all day for a quick Skype, FaceTime, text…whatever. Don’t give up – dig in and keep your hustle on!

I’m adding something else to the hustle for next week, I hope you’ll join me on the career success journey.

Your Career Coach, Liz

About the Author: Liz daRosa coaches highly motivated individuals who want to have more career success.

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