3 Productivity Tips: Make Tuesday Feel Like Friday! (#TuesdayTips #EnjoytheWeek)

by Liz daRosa @lizdaRosa

There is no doubt that Friday is the BEST day of the workweek. Some workplaces allow a half-day, a more relaxed dress code or there are fewer people around because co-workers taking long weekends (these increase with the onset of summer).

Graphic designed at  Canva.com

Graphic designed at Canva.com

Start planning (or at least thinking about) the weekend. I know my Friday is always improved because I make time to day dream about my weekend plans or reach out and determine who is available. Setting up an enjoyable activity with people you have fun with will give you something to look forward to for the rest of the week. Steal a moment or two each day to think about it and push you towards the end of the week.

Clean your work space. Friday is the day I spend about 15 minutes cleaning my work space. I make sure I handle anything I’ve been ‘avoiding’ like unopened/unhandled mail or maybe an empty water bottle that didn’t make it to the garbage can. Take a little time to declutter your work space and see how much better you feel sitting there even if you are working on a time sensitive or otherwise stressful project.

Put your To-Do List aside. I’m a type-A person and I’ve made lists of lists since I was in high school. What I thought was a great way to stay motivated and on-track merely became a worrisome visual representation of the mounds of things I ‘needed’ to accomplish. It wasn’t productive – so I STOPPED making lists. Take the last 30 minutes of your day and pre-plan & schedule the next day. Include time for the priority projects and your 10-minute break. Remember it’s a Friday mind-set we are going after so put everything else aside that doesn’t absolutely HAVE to get done.

Friday is a state of mind you can enjoy all week! If you have other productivity tips that work for you, please share them with us by Commenting below or sending me an email.

Your Career Coach, Liz

About the Author: Liz daRosa coaches highly motivated individuals interested in re-branding themselves to secure a new position or a promotion. She also provides social media account set-up and coaching to maximize quality engagement and networking opportunities. Liz blogs at Your Career Coach, Liz and tweets here.

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