A ‘MUST’ for a #NewResume & #PersonalBranding

by Liz daRosa @lizdaRosa

If you are drafting a #NewResume or rolling out your #PersonalBranding a ‘must’ is use of a word cloud generator. In a webinar I held in January, we talked about the importance of word cloud generators for successfully tailoring resumes to maximize your chance of getting Interviews.

However, on a daily basis when I talk to professionals in transition I’ve found that few people use a word cloud generator in their resume drafting process. So, let’s review it again.

Purpose for a #NewResume: To identify the key words highlighted in the job description and key qualifications to tailor your resume for submission. This will help you successfully navigate the applicant tracking system (ATS) or the HR professional who’s the first step in vetting applicant resumes for an Interview.

Time Commitment: Creating a Word Cloud using Wordle.net, for example, takes less time than printing out a job announcement and physically highlighting key words for repetition. Have you tried it?  The Word Cloud below took me 60 seconds – I actually timed it! This is Total Time from opening a browser to typing in the key words and saving the PNG file to my computer. You’d be pasting the key words, at least a 15 second time saving move. Do you have an extra 60 seconds to devote to your application submissions?

PersonalBranding - Your Career Coach Liz

#PersonalBranding for Your Career Coach, Liz

To be honest, I took 90 extra seconds picking the color scheme and font but if I simply wanted the cloud, it would have been 60 seconds flat.

Purpose for #PersonalBranding: If you look at the words in my Word Cloud, I included words that I associate with the Your Career Coach, Liz brand. These are words I use in all of my communications, posts, tweets to ensure consistency and positivity. Create interest in your Brand but use this appropriately – do not put a Word Cloud in your Resume or Cover Letter. A Word Cloud is an interesting visual that anyone can create to share their Brand in social media profiles. No creativity or graphic design skills needed!

I also use TagCrowd another free word cloud generator. I don’t advocate any word cloud generator in particular but I’d suggest you use a free one as well. Why needlessly spend money?!

So the next time you need to draft a #NewResume take an extra 60 seconds and use a word cloud generator. If you need help tailoring your resumes to specific positions or developing and rolling our your personal brand, let’s talk! Maybe you’d like to get started with a Monthly Resume Subscription service where I’d draft 12 unique resumes tailored to job announcements.

Bottom-line, allow more time and leverage available ‘tools’ to help improve your job search efforts.

Your Career Coach, Liz

About the Author: Liz daRosa coaches highly motivated individuals who want to reach next level success in their career. She blogs about career strategies, personal branding and motivation at Your Career Coach, Liz and tweets here.

19 thoughts on “A ‘MUST’ for a #NewResume & #PersonalBranding

  1. Great tips on creating a new resume Liz! I must confess that I haven’t used a word cloud or a word generator. As a writer, I seem to rely on myself and my imagination. Love the idea and will definitely refer back to your great suggestions next time I am working on updating my resume.

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  2. Neat twist on an old favorite!I LOVE Wordle but use Photoshop for most my designing projects like that now – I’m way too much of a font snob to not want to play with all those words in different fonts 😀

    That said – I LOVE the idea of using a word cloud as a tool for helping your branding messages stay consistent. It would be a neat and easy visual reminder for anyone working with you and your brand too.

    Now, how silly would a bunch of “awesome” and “awesome sauce” type wordsin that cloud be :DI tend to play with words almost as much as I play with the graphics 😀

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