‘Don’t forget to Carry an Umbrella’ JOIN the #MarchJumpStart Twitter Chat, Feb. 25th at 12:30pm EST

I’m sure most of you are (like me) very tired of the freezing temperatures, icy roads and endless slush. Next week we move into March and while it’s not officially Spring until mid-month, I’d like to transition my thinking from this freezing wintry mess to rainy wet Springtime (ok maybe it’s not all better!). Everything about Spring to me is comforting; it’s time for renewal and an end of hibernation. We can anticipate the flowers, bringing out our spring wardrobes and summer seems within arm’s reach.

This call is one of transitioning from the current month into the next one. A review of what worked (your WINS) and what didn’t work (your CHALLENGES). You need to know what steps to take to increase your wins and successes for March. Let’s do this together.

Join me tomorrow for the #MarchJumpStart Twitter chat. February 25 at 12:30pm. Log in and post questions/comments or just follow the discussion.

You do not need a Smartphone to have a Twitter account – you can get a free Twitter account by signing up on your computer. Enter #MarchJumpStart (with the HASHTAG) and you will be in the Chat Forum. Anyone who’s a Twitter novice email me beforehand and I’d be glad to assist you.

MarchJump Start Chat

As we plan you’ll have your umbrella for the showers that befall us in Spring. MOTIVATED – Prepared – Positive Attitude = Success. I look forward to (Twitter) chatting with you then.

About the Chat Leader: Liz daRosa helps individuals successfully navigate career challenges and can be found blogging at http://lizbeardmoredarosa.com. She is an obsessive list maker, goal setter and high achiever.


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