[Follow-up]: ABCs of a Successful Week – Tell About Your Wins! #TipTuesday

By Liz daRosa @lizdaRosa

Let’s talk about OUR successes from last week and build on each others WINS!

ABC follow-up

Recap on ABCs of  Successful Week – Self-Reflection & Self-Rating

Attitude & Action (Plan)

Results: Maintained a positive attitude and developed a comprehensive Plan for the week. I spent more time in one area of my Plan then I’d anticipated – I realized this on Thursday but adjusted so my time on Friday was more equally distributed. The weekend I focused on developing my brand on Twitter (specifically my #meGoal hashtag) along with growing quality (targeted) connections.

(Self) Rating: B+

Adjustment for this Week: Spend more time attracting (finding) qualified individuals for our Corporate Clients’ open positions.

Be Present

Results: (Slightly) Distracted while spending time with my family – checking social media and emails. I remained on-point with coaching clients, business development & networking interactions.

(Self) Rating: C+

Adjustment for this Week: Set a specific time to put the iPhone down (6-9pm) when winding down with my family; carving out this time to be present & engage with them (kids and husband) on different levels. The social media will still be there at 9:15pm and I’m a night owl so I’ll have plenty of time to actively participate & be present there as well.

Control (the Plan) & Clearly Communicate (#meGoal)

Results: On-target. I’m a goal-oriented person and the #meGoal has helped me be more targeted than SMART goal-setting. I write down 4 #meGoal(s) and put them on the bulletin board in my office which serves as a visual reminder to track my daily progress.

(Self) Rating: A+

Adjustment for this Week: Include a #meGoal for family time and what I want to get from it – fulfillment/engagement/growth.

Overall, my self-rating for the week is a B+ which provides me with room for improvement this week. I’d love to hear about your successes and wins – even through the times we miss in one area (see my C+) there are successes (see my A+) in another area. As I work to regain balance in my life this week to enjoy more successes across-the-board, I look forward to hearing about your successes and wins.

Please post or email your successes & wins.

Your Career Coach, Liz

About the Author – Liz daRosa is a business woman who is a coach, a professor, a trainer, a speaker, a runner, a wife and a ‘mama’. She strives to have it all & make it work! Liz works with highly motivated individuals who are in career transition to achieve Next Level Success in their lives. She also works with sole proprietors to leverage finite resources while attracting targeted clients/customers to achieve Next Level Success. Liz blogs at http://lizbeardmoredarosa.com.

3 thoughts on “[Follow-up]: ABCs of a Successful Week – Tell About Your Wins! #TipTuesday

  1. Hello Liz. My name is Toni….a wonderful acquaintance of yours has shared your site with me–and I am so excited for you and me! Consider me a regularly follower from now on….I have never tweeted but see I need to get on board with that. Thank you for sharing your advice, experience and your heart here. I recently began telling women who need to know that their life challenges are not really set backs–they are truly room to grow and reach further–beyond what they have done before. I ask them when they think they’ll never see the positive of any of the sorrows, job loss, financial difficulties, or family challenges –“you think your life is falling apart? But how do you know, instead, that it’s not really falling in place!” Toni Popp


    • Hi Toni! Thanks for checking out the site. I love your point-of-view….’how do you know…it’s not really falling in place!’ Great way to reframe & have a positive outlook. Welcome & I look forward to sharing thoughts & motivation with you! Let me know when you get on Twitter & we can be tweeps too!


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