Find Your YES! #Meaningful #Networking Opportunities

Last week I talked about “Let the ‘No Thank You’s’ Bounce Off You” and #TweakUrAttitude to help you turn challenges into successes. No one can accurately predict when you will secure the position that will lead to your Next Career, so why not maximize the time you have in transition by volunteering? Here are 4 benefits to volunteering while in a career transition:

  1. To fill a Gap in your Resume. You can include Volunteer Experience as a Work Experience entry provided you accurately describe your role and can provide a reference from that Organization.
  2. To network with people in your community who share your same interest/passion.
  3. To engage a worthwhile activity giving back to your community.
  4. And to get a “YES, I’m Excited To Work with You!”

First, determine your passion, where you wanted to get involved but never had the luxury of ‘extra’ time in your week. Be passionate about the Mission of the organization and determine what you want to get out of it (make a Plan).

Volunteer coordinators are always looking for motivated individuals they can count on for day-to-day tasks as well as big events. Here a sampling of volunteer organizations or portals as a starting point. There are undoubtedly many you’ve heard of and maybe one you’ve been involved in at some point. I hope you find the list gets you thinking about all the volunteer opportunities available in your community, across the country and Virtually (yes, there are virtual volunteer opportunities).


Humane Society @HumaneSociety


Boys & Girls Club of America @BGCA_Clubs

Boy Scouts of America @boyscouts

Girl Scouts  @girlscouts

Emergency Preparedness (Medical & Non-Medical Personnel)

FEMA Volunteer Portal @ReadyGov


America’s Cultural & Natural Resources Portal @VolunteerGov




United We Serve @ServeDotGov

Volunteer Match – Where Volunteering Begins @VolunteerMatch  (local, national & virtual opportunities)


Feeding America  @FeedingAmerica

Food Bank Portal  @FINDFoodBank


Team USA @USOlympicNews  (some local and national aspects of Team USAs Olympic & Paralympic games.)

I’m not advocating any group by including them on this list or not advocating a group by excluding them from the list. You need to let your passion and location dictate what organization you want to pursue.

Second, do your research. Check out their website, Twitter feed, Facebook page…Talk to friends with firsthand experience with the organization and get insight from their experiences.

Third, contact the organization or organizations that interest you and follow their process for volunteering. I would advise setting up time to visit in-person with someone at the organization so you know for sure it’s an opportunity you want to pursue.

Fourth, go volunteer, make a difference, network to increase your professional connections, do some good and get that YES! Finally, document your achievements and participation on your resume.

I purposely left out volunteering at professional organizations – that’s for next Thursday.

Go get YOUR yes, enjoy the feeling & send me a note with your success.

Your Career Coach, Liz  @lizdaRosa

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