They Think You Are…You Want to Be…What’s Your Personal Brand?

Personal branding is important to everyone; even more so when you are in transition you have the ability to re-brand yourself. Didn’t like the fact you were seen as a micro-manager in your last position? Disliked the way you were perceived as the least flexible supervisor? Don’t worry, you can re-brand yourself today.

I’m a relative newbie (3 months) to the world of tweeting and I use it for both personal and work. I discovered a Word Cloud Bot (@wordnuvola) who creates a #WordCloud for you (posted here) from all your tweets.

Your message is your brand so let’s see what mine says about me by looking at the 3 largest words:

Thx: Expression of Gratitude for connecting, communicating & networking with me.

Careercoach: What I do. Explaining what I do in a nutshell to folks I’m tweeting before they even go to my page.

Success2015 & Transition (tied): Focus & Mission for 2015 is to help others be successful in their career transition.

These were followed closely by “meGoal challenge” (meaningful/exciting – focused on achieving towards success). All-in-all my tweets do capture the brand I want to portray, how I want to be perceived and my focus. I actually thought “meGoal challenge” would be higher but that cues me to increase the use of that phrase, if it’s something I believe is important to my personal brand.

What are the top 3 words you would use to describe your personal brand? You don’t need to have a Twitter account to determine what you are communicating and how you are being perceived by others. Ask your close friends or significant other what 3 words would they use to describe you and compare them to your top words. You’ll see where you may need to adjust or better yet, embrace them and go-forward.

Your Career Coach, Liz

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