Nothing Planned Today? PICK up the Phone & Make it a Gratitude Day (& Network!)

What if you wake up this morning & your calendar is CLEAR or by 10am the meetings/interviews you had scheduled were cancelled? What Now? Don’t let it get you down! Look at it as an opportunity to share gratitude with your Connections.

Prepare for a Day on the Phone! I know you probably cringed as you read this and said…”I’m not going to COLD CALL people!” My reply is AGREED, me neither!

Here’s how you #TweakUrAttitude & make this open day a productive one.

First, access your Address Book with your professional contacts and prioritize.

High Priorities (MUST reach-out): A) Anyone who you use as a Reference; and B) Any HR Director you actually know.

Middle Priorities (GOOD to reach-out):  A) Connections (from Social Media, your Kid’s School, a Civic/Religious Group you belong to, etc.) who work in your Targeted Industry. Prioritize these by how likely you’d be able to reach them with a phone call; and B)

F2F Networkers you’ve made recent contact with, you’ve exchanged some emails or met for coffee and there ‘may’ be a ‘connection’ that could be mutually beneficial.

Low Priorities (Reaching out means you NEED A RECHARGE): Anyone you are related to or shared an apartment with in College who doesn’t fit the above categories. Your mom, your best friend, your sibling and anyone else who fits in this category for you MUST be on this list. The key here is to gauge how long to stay on the phone because you don’t want the recharge to have the opposite effect and get you down.

Second, after you have folks divided up into these High, Middle & Low Rankings figure out what you have to ‘give them’. Don’t call with a sob story, keep things positive, thank them for something they’ve done for you recently and ask how you can help them. Or even better know before you call what you have to offer (i.e. tell them about an industry article you read that may be of interest, offer to connect them with someone in your Network)

Third, now it’s time to sit down and make the calls. Get yourself comfortable. I’m all for sitting on the couch if you are going to stay motivated to keep calling people, just don’t turn on the television or get lost in Social Media and lose track of the day. If you need to sit at the dining room table then do that. Wherever you are, just make the calls!

Share a message of gratitude with the people you Reach Out To, even if you get their voicemail. Follow-up with an email if you don’t hear back from them by the end of the day, your message can be something like: “I called to thank you for being such a great colleague. I read an article that may be of interest. Call me when you have a few free minutes, I’d love to catch up!” Your message should reflect your relationship with the individual but make sure you put a note on your calendar to either call them again in 2-3 days or send another note.

The bottom line to this scenario of an open day is to make the best of it. Remember you’ll need to be on the phones to make the best of this day unless you can quickly find another networking event to attend or schedule a same-day interview. Don’t fear the phone, get comfortable, focused and start dialing – you’ll be amazed what your Network has to share with you!

I believe if you put good out in the world by sharing gratitude then good will come back to you. So, if you have an unexpected open day this week #TweakUrAttitude, turn it into ‘A Gratitude Day’ & let me know how it goes.

Your Career Coach, Liz

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