ABC’s of a Successful Week

Whether it’s week 1 or week 21 of your transition you need to start the week being proactive. Don’t let the week manage you – you need to take control of the week!

Here are the ABCs of a planning a successful week:

1) Attitude & Action (Plan): Look ahead at your week & identify where you have gaps in your schedule or a real hiccup (i.e. nothing scheduled!) and set a Plan. Always, incorporate networking & interviews (even if only informational interviews) throughout each week. It’s important in this Plan you determine ways to stay Positive & Motivated.

2) Be Present: Focus on each task in your Plan and don’t get distracted by the next task. Give it your all!

3) Control (the Plan) & Clearly Communicate (#meGoal): Take Control & be Proactive. You can’t have a Plan without goals, so set & work towards a #meGoal (or 2 or 3 or 4). Don’t let the week happen to you!

Make the week what you want/need it to be! Be the guide your transition needs & make wonderful things happen on the road to your Next Career.

I’m looking forward to another great week with you.  Your Career Coach, Liz

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