Do We Have Chemistry? Let’s Find Out If My #Attraction Coaching Is For You!

Today is Valentine’s Day and while some of you will celebrate with dinner, candy, flowers, jewelry and…I urge you to think about the importance of self-love. Take a personal inventory and relish in your uniqueness and talents. Determine if having a Coach (ok, a shameless plug on the biggest #Attraction holiday) might help you be more successful. More success, more confidence, makes you more #Attractive. You walk taller when someone compliments your new outfit or comments on how young or fit you look.

My husband is my Fitness Coach. He runs next to me and motivates me when I want to stop or slow down. He drives me to do better, go faster, be fitter. Could I do it without him, OF COURSE but it’s a better & smoother journey because I have someone who I have chemistry with (definition shortly, it’s NOT romantic) helping me along the way.

Definition of (Basic) Chemistry: it’s an INTEREST in someone’s success, an APPEAL to work/be together and a DESIRE for achieving focused goals.

There are different planes of chemistry but it MUST be there with a Coach or it’s not the right person for you. There are varying degrees of chemistry with people I choose to coach. With one person the chemistry can be seen in volleying ideas back & forth on email like we are on IM— it’s great to have this instantaneous sharing towards a mutual purpose, HIS goals & success. With another person we have chemistry because of shared work experiences and that we are both professional women.

Bottom line: 1) Practice self-love today and every day. 2) Know when you need someone to help coach you (even if not a formal Coach) so you reach your successes. 3) Whoever you get to help you, make sure you two have Chemistry.

Coaching is a journey where successes & satisfaction can be found along the way but it just like any ‘relationship’ it must have chemistry. Let’s set up a 15-minute call this week to see if we ‘click’, if there’s any chemistry and if my #Attraction Coaching Sessions could help you be more successful.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Your Career Coach, Liz

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