Let the “No Thank You’s” – Bounce Off You!

This has been an interesting week. I had the opportunity to pitch several projects to potential Clients. They were interesting design projects that would tap into my creative side. I’d put together thoughtful proposals and had a valued colleague review them before I submitted them. These opportunities are similar to your job search. I had to put together a proposal whereas you are using a resume. I had to pitch myself to these organizations like you do on a job interview. I too get the pleasure of hearing ‘No, Thank You!’.

  • Opportunity 1, Outcome: Great proposal, bad timing. No Thank You! Let’s Stay in Touch!
  • Opportunity 2, Outcome: No Thank You! Let’s Stay in Touch!
  • Opportunity 3, Outcome: Great Input, I Can’t Wait to Work with You!
  • Opportunity 4, Outcome: Let’s Talk More, I’m Excited about Your Proposal! I want to work with you NOW!

A negative person would say my week was only 50% successful. However, I believe it was 100% success. My plan for the 2 projects I didn’t get, this time is:

  1. Exude Professionalism – I immediately replied to the decision maker with a “Thank you for allowing me to submit a proposal for consideration.” Take the high-road even though rejections stings and you just ‘knew you were THE person for the role/project. Vent to your significant other or friend but NEVER send a snippy note to the hiring manager no matter what ‘promises’ you think were implied in a phone or in-person interview.
  2. Keep Open Lines of Communication – I have noted in my calendar to follow-up with them in a month to see if any additional projects are in the planning phases that I may be qualified to submit another proposal. They already valued my work experience enough to spend the time reading my proposal and having a follow-up call that odds are good they will entertain another one in the future.
  3. Perseverance –This week is nearly over and I reflected on how much I’d accomplished and even though I heard “No Thank You’ more than I cared to, I learned a lot. The proposals weren’t lengthy but they required time, thoughtfulness & effort. I know what I’ll do differently next time, a little tweak here a little tweak there. One of my natural qualities has always been perseverance – I don’t know how to stop moving forward even though I don’t always get everything I want/think I want.

I know a job search can be grueling and filled with ‘No Thank You’s. Transitioning is stressful and the ‘No Thank You’s” can seem overwhelming but focus on being your best self who is professional, an open communicator who perseveres. Good things will come to you…the No’s will bounce off and sting a little less. Remember how good the “I want to work with you NOW” feels. #TweakUrAttitude

Let me know how I can support you & increase how many times you hear, “I want to work with you NOW!”

Your Career Coach, Liz

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