‘Creating Your Online Brand’ Session Recap: #TweakUrAttitude (on LinkedIn)

Last night I held the first session of the Attraction Group Coaching (Creating Your Online Brand). There was a great group sharing their challenges & successes with each other. Here are a  few tidbits from the Session that I think can benefit everyone!

Challenge A: “I don’t like networking online it’s is ‘impersonal’ so I have a (LinkedIn) profile but I don’t really use it.”

Solution A: Adjust your Attitude & Expectations! Networking online is Convenient, Focused, and Self-Paced.

Appreciate the fact that you don’t need to dress up, spend money on drinks or stand in the corner waiting for some stranger to talk to you (remember from a previous post, that I would rather get a root canal than go to a ‘traditional’ networking event J ) Embrace your ability to ‘meet’ a wide range of individuals from the comfort of your home, in your car, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or where ever you happen to have an extra 5 minutes in your day. With any networking event you will get out of it what you put in it and online networking is no different. Online networking isn’t supposed to replace face-to-face networking but it’s a crucial add-on to your overall networking strategy/plan.

Challenge B: “Networking on LinkedIn isn’t very effective. I’m not getting any employers connecting.”

Solution B: Stop the Negativity! Networking on LinkedIn can be extremely valuable but it takes a

time commitment just like attending an in-person event.

There are many ways you can effectively network on LinkedIn. First, you need to have a dynamic Profile. LinkedIn gives you so many options to showcase your accomplishments, take advantage of it! This is your chance to jump up & down and say “Look at what I’ve accomplished! Hire me, work with me, buy from me! With that said, I would avoid including the Score you received on a standardized test like the SAT, it’s your Professional Profile not a college application, after all. Second, Connect Connect Connect which goes back to my Stop Hiding! Prowl like a LION or LION(ess) post earlier in the week. Finally, be present on LinkedIn. If you aren’t out there hunting down opportunities they probably won’t come find you and you won’t know what great networking opportunities you missed.

Personally, outside of referrals, I find the majority of my Clients from my networking efforts on LinkedIn. This isn’t to say that I don’t have multiple ways in which I network, because I do, but it is a place where I consistently find (attract) high quality individuals who want to work with me. I’m not a perfect networker, I have room to improve. I’m constantly tweaking my Profile and my online networking approach to leverage the strength of my Connections and the ability to reach so many professionals with one Update.

Next week the Group will discuss the impact of blogs to an online brand strategy/plan. I’m very excited about working with this group of professionals for the next 3 weeks!

Solution C-Z:      #TweakUrAttitude & Actions! Implement at least one change in your online

brand strategy/plan (yes, you should have one) on LinkedIn that increases your ability to attract MORE of what you want.

Email me & share what you did and the positive outcome. Remember even when a strategy doesn’t initially seem to work sometimes you only need a few tweaks here and there, a positive attitude & perseverance. Let’s share our successes!

If the image doesn’t show up – check it out on Twitter at #TweakUrAttitude where we can continue the discussion on another platform.

Your Career Coach, Liz

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