Add a Call to Action! Attract More…Future Employers, Customers, Clients or Connections

Do you maximize your LinkedIn profile? On average I’m in the Top 1.5% of my 4K Connections for Profile views each week. While my Profile isn’t perfect I’m consistently receiving Requests to Connect & InMails that turn into emails & phone calls. Let’s get you that type of traffic and interest.

Suggestion A: Add in a Call to Action in the Summary Section of your Profile. This should be a few lines and should be visible in its entirety on a Smart Phone. (Most people view my Profile on their mobile device so I need to put the Call to Action where they can see it.)

Mine is:
Follow My Career Blog:
Does your Organization Need a Speaker or Workshop Presenter? I’m Available!

Short sweet & to the point. There are two Calls to Action here: 1) If they check out the Blog great! 2) If they contact me about speaking or presenting a workshop even better!

Suggestion B: A Call to Action can also be sent out as an Update. As you’ve noticed, I like to use pictures with my Updates; it draws more attention to a post. Make sure the picture is appropriate; we are on LinkedIn and not Facebook!

Suggestion C: You can also put a Call to Action in your Tagline. Many of you (sort of) do that already when you put “Operations Manager Seeking Opportunities in Chicago.” What’s missing here? A Call to Action…instead put “Contact Me if Your Organization Needs an Experienced Operations Manager.”

One of the great things about a Call to Action message is you can change it as often as you’d like. Also, make sure what you post in a Call to Action is genuine & reflects who you are, while you need to get input before you post don’t try to fit into my mold or anyone else’s. You’ll be happiest in a position and with an employer when you are able to be yourself!

Maybe next week my Call to Action will say:

Is your Organization Going Through (too much) Change? Let me Guide You!
Follow My Blog:

I’ll be watching Profiles this week to see who’s taking the leap with me – it’s scary to put a Call to Action out there, what if someone actually responds? 🙂
Your Career Coach, Liz on #TipTuesday

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