To Our Successes! Take the #meGoal Challenge

This week I want to put out the #meGoal Challenge once again. Let’s work together & achieve a meGoal! 

I wrote about this last week but a quick refresh, the goal needs to be M – Meaningful & E – Exciting = meGoal!

My meGoal: Focus on reducing stress by working out at least 4 times this week.

Rationale: This is meaningful to me because physical activity is a great (enjoyable) way to manage stress levels. It’s exciting because of the health/weight benefits that result from consistently working-out.

Methodology: Basically, I need stop making excuses (‘the kids this, work that, I don’t have the energy’) and instead get outside & run.

Success: Actually doing it!

Result: I’ll post an update on Friday with my progress. According to my schedule, I should have gone out for a run at least 3 times by that point.

The thing about making a goal public is it makes you accountable & vulnerable – what if you fail? So what! Readjust and persevere.

If you want to participate in this Challenge send me an email ( with your meGoal so we can track progress & success together! Let me support your success journey. So, tomorrow I’m going to lace-up my new New Balance kicks and head outside (‘unless it rains’…jk!)

Your Career Coach, Liz

3 thoughts on “To Our Successes! Take the #meGoal Challenge

  1. Liz,
    I’m with you 100% and will share in this goal with you because I’ve been slacking lately. Already ran this AM and put in a good 40 minutes. Good luck! I know you can do it.



  2. Sounds spectacular. I’m in. I don’t run, but I am at the gym every morning by 330AM and knock out a good hour or so before I shower and head to work. A fit body and a Fit mind are two great keys to success. A great coach never hurts either 🙂 Thanks Liz!!


  3. Hello Liz I am not a runner but I jump rope and work out with weights. Now is the time to start. I recently lost a loved one and and dealing with that working out definitely will help. Lets go for it we can all do it together. B


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