Stop Hiding! Prowl Like a LION or LION(ess)

Each week I speak to men and women in transition and the question comes up “What is a LION?” I admit when I joined LinkedIn, it took me a while to figure out what a LION was…at one point I thought you were granted LION status by LinkedIn (funny, huh?!) LION means LinkedIn Open Networker (you accept all requests & don’t say IDK or send Spam). I’m here to show you why everyone in a career transition phase should be a LION or in my case a LIONESS.

L – Leverage exposure of your Profile.

So many of you take hours upon hours adding in job descriptions from the past 20 years, awards, ask for recommendations, etc but you have less than 200 Connections. Why don’t you want more people to see you & Connect?

I – Interested in Networking.

This makes the assumption you are on LinkedIn to network. I realize in some cases I may be wrong, but I can’t imagine anyone who’s created a LinkedIn Profile and who is in transition or unemployed doesn’t want to network.

O – Open to Opportunities.

This should be self-evident. I’d think that if you NEED a job you would be open to ‘listening’ & exploring any opportunity but again, I may be wrong.

N – Need a Job, need more Clients, need more Customers.

If you are reading this you (probably) are: military-to-civilian transition, a Veteran, unemployed or someone who believes they will be unemployed soon. Many of you who fall into these categories are also trying to start a consulting business, sell a product/service or find a part-time gig so the next time you are in a career transition phase you will still have some income.

E – Expect some “Facebook” type messages.

Since being a LION(ess) I’ve had 3 marriage proposals and an invitation to move to Europe. Now I admit the first time I received one of these Messages from a new Connection (someone I didn’t ‘know’ but I accepted in the spirit of being an Open Networker) I was a bit amazed. Do people really do this on LinkedIn? We are supposed to be Professionals! I deleted the Message and moved on. I’m sure this week I’ll get another marriage proposal which too will be deleted. On a few occasions, I’ve received a spammy text message (but I choose to post my cell # on my Profile) but I delete it and move on. Unfortunately, there are people who will use any way to try and reach us with inappropriate messages – I mean how many times have you received the Bank of Nigeria email? But you still use your email account, right?

S – Sell your Skills.

A resume is a tool you use to sell your skills and so is your LinkedIn Profile. Use it that way! Maximize the number of people who see how great you are and what you can bring to their organization or how you may be able to improve/enrich their lives with your product or service.

SSupercharge your Network!

Too many of you have an AWESOME profile but only a few hundred connections…stop hiding & grow your Network. I have 4,000 1st Connections and nearly 19M in my larger Network. Anytime I post an Update it is blasted to these Connections. Where else can you have access to that many people who have already agreed to Network with you?

All-in-all, being an Open Networker has allowed me to expand my network from a few hundred to 4,000 1st Connections in a matter of a few months. The next time you are sitting at your computer, log in to your LinkedIn account and wonder why no one has looked at you, you don’t have any Messages or Requests to Connect, ask yourself if you should Stop Hiding &  Prowl.

I’m a LION(ess) and I’m constantly on the prowl. Join me as we build a large Pride, gain an Advantage on the (job) Hunt; with support of a large Pride that Next Career is yours for the taking. Who’s Ready?

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