Join the #meGoalChallenge

This week I want to put a challenge out there this week: let’s achieve a ME Goal.

M – Meaningful

E – Exciting

Here is one of my ME Goals for this week:

ME Goal

Get Scheduled (in Q1) to provide a presentation/workshop on Career Transition Strategies to a networking/professional group or a Veterans group.


This is meaningful to me because I see a need for different avenues of support for those in transition & Veterans. I hope to be a conduit for information/skill sharing for individuals in career transition.


Ask my Network if they belong to a Networking/Professional Group that would be open to a presentation on Career Transition Strategies.


✏️ Identify possible local or regional Groups (ask My Network for Referrals)

✏️ Make contact with a leader in the Group & find out their audience & pitch a presentation

✏️ Get scheduled to provide a presentation/workshop in February or March


I’ll update you as we move through the week on my efforts towards accomplishing this ME goal.

If you are game, please send/post your ME goal so we can track the progress together.

Have a wonderful week! Liz

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