Be More Successful: Jump Start to February Take-Aways!

I’m sorry you missed the webinar today. I held the first of 12 monthly webinars on Be(ing) More Successful! I’m calling it a monthly Jump Start (for the next month).

We started by reviewing the definition of “successful” and I went to a dictionary for guidance. I turned the definition into Actions. So we individually and collectively shared examples of how we were successful in January from this list of Actions

I Obtained _____________ (you fill in the blank)

I was Victorious!

I had Good Fortune!

I was Productive!

I Succeeded in My Endeavors!

It was great to hear all the ways the dynamic women who attended saw their actions from the past 4 weeks.

While our discussion was primarily focused on successes with job searching there are countless other successes in other aspects of our lives. We could have expanded our discussion and included personal aspects such as family, friends, spirituality, fitness, diet, time management, stress management and so on.

Take-Away #1: No one had trouble coming up with a couple of successes from January. This group had a positive mind-set and momentum during their job search efforts. Both are very important, it’s hard to stay motivated & positive if you don’t have momentum. Luckily all three women who attended had quite a bit of success and momentum.

Next, you need to review Challenges in addition to Successes during the month. List them & fix them!

Finally, we looked ahead to February. We talked about what worked in January that we’ll continue. Each woman shared an Action that got her the Desired Outcome (for a job search); an interview. During the course of our discussion ways to improve also came out quite naturally. We were easily able to provide insight into our own actions and what needs to be addressed to improve.

Take-Away #2: Success is a simple formula if you think about it. Go back to the definition where I started – you craft the definition. Therefore, you should ALWAYS be successful!


I’ll share with you a few of my SUCCESSES from January and some ways I’ll ADJUST my actions to improve my SUCCESS rate.

I Obtained three Recommendations from my LinkedIn connections. It’s nice to see how who you are and what you do is viewed as a SUCCESS by your colleagues in many different ways. While we ask for recommendations, they aren’t always given so to get them is a success.

I was Victorious: I started off on January 1st with a solid training run but I got sick and my plan of getting out there every other day lapsed to once a week. The other day I had a reality check when my husband asked when I was going to start my 2015 fitness plan. I reminded him that I was VICTORIOUS because I got out there on the 1st and nailed it! He did make a good point that I didn’t continue…so I need to start again but remember that I kept my promise to myself but am re-writing the fitness plan commitment to something that will easily fit into the rest of my life.

I had Good Fortune: One of my LinkedIn contacts needed a consultant to complete a project at their Institution. I was asked to submit a Proposal for the project which I completed and got back to the Institution the same day. While I don’t yet know if I was awarded the project, it was Good Fortune to be given the opportunity to show the Institution what I could bring to the SUCCESS of the project.

I was Productive: I participated in #YourTurnChallenge on Twitter which challenged the participants to write & publish a blog post for 7 days in a row. I hadn’t done that before and I was wondering if I would have anything ‘meaningful’ to say for 7 days in a row. I can’t say it was easy and I admit one of the days I posted a short post (a Call to Action) but I pushed myself to complete it. I learned that I can commit more time to writing and I noticed that people are out there reading it. I’m very grateful to everyone who follows or takes the time to read any of my posts.

I Succeeded in My Endeavors: Last week I took the baby (Izzy who’s 15 months old) to visit my parents in Chicago. I SUCCEEDED in getting Izzy to sleep on my lap on the flight going and coming back – what a success! Also, we had a wonderful visit with my parents celebrating my mom’s and my birthdays which are a week apart. Anyone who’s traveled with small children can appreciate this success!

Take-Away #3: Successes are present all throughout our day and in every aspect of our lives. We need to be conscious of these WINS and focus on sustaining or better yet, improving on them so we can be more SUCCESSFUL!

I promised to delve more into the 10 Must Haves for a Transition Coach in my post on 1/26/15. Here are the ways the webinar addressed the list.

Number 1: Free NO Obligation (information) – My webinars are FREE and you don’t need to hire me afterwards. I hope at some point your schedule will allow you to attend.

Number 2: Rapport – If you’ve been reading the blog you should be able to get a good sense of my style. To know if we have rapport you’ll need to have a call or attend one of the Webinars.

Number 3: Recommendations – Please read the Recommendations on my Profile. Today, I was talking to a potential coaching client who asked me for more recommendations she could call on them to get a better sense of my style/work ethic. No problem! I gave her contact information so she can see how others perceive my work product and professionalism. It’s an excellent idea to personally check references before engaging a professional in a working relationship where you are paying for a product (resume/CV/LinkedIn Profile rewrite) or service (individual or small business coaching).

Number 9. Professionalism – Hopefully my blog posts have shown you my level of professionalism.

The next webinar (Re) Design Your Resume: Beyond the Buzz Words will be Wednesday, the 4th @12:30pm EST.

This topic goes to Numbers 5 (details of your Success Story) & 7 (results-focused action on your behalf) on the 10 Must Haves list. At the end of our discussion I asked the women what topic they wanted to see next and the consensus was Resumes.

So in this post we’ve addressed #1, #2, #3, #5, #7 and #9. I hope those who attended got as much out of the Webinar as I did.

I’m interested in helping YOU be more successful. Let me know I can support you.

Your Personal Career Coach, Liz

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