10 Must Haves for a Transition Coach

In Crafting your Success Story it can be very helpful to locate a Coach to help you work through the process. He/She can act as your cheerleader and help you work through the process while keeping the goals in your Success Story in mind at all times.

Look for a Coach who has:
1. A Free NO Obligation Initial Call
2. Great Rapport with you (trust, personality, it feels natural)
3. Ethics & is Trustworthy (recommendations)
4. Expertise with Transitioning Military
5. A Focus on the Details of your Success Story
6. A Solid Understanding of your Timeline
7. Results-Focused Actions on your Behalf
8. Excellent Communication Skills
9. Professionalism (able to represent you well)
10. Follow-Up & a Genuine Concern for Your Success

These are listed in no particular order & are truly minimums. Locate a Coach that will fulfill your needs & help you get to where you want to be. Find someone who gets you and your Success Story.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk more about selecting & working with a great Coach.

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