Plan for Your Transition NOW: Success Story & Lessons Learned, Part 4 of 5

Today I will focus on a military transition success story and lessons learned.

This success story is about my husband, Tony. He retired in 2005 as a CSM. He knew that he needed to get his masters before he retired to be competitive in the civilian workforce so he went to school at night. He spent his transition period networking and job searching in a variety of industries across the country. He’d spent the last 10 years in recruiting but was open to other opportunities that utilized his leadership experience. He went on interviews in Hawaii, Louisiana and Michigan. He ended up taking a position as an Executive Director for a proprietary school system in Michigan.

No he didn’t have a career coach, he retired before we met. His tenacity secured him several job offers, all paying more than he made as a CSM. Pretty good, right? Here’s the catch, he didn’t know what he was worth. He only knew he wanted to match his CSM salary, he didn’t have a frame of reference for negotiating. So he didn’t ask for additional pay, a signing bonus, extra days off, stock, etc. He thought the offer was the offer. After being in the position for a while, he learned that individuals hired around the same time were hired in at $15K more than he received and that didn’t take into account any ‘extras’.

Tony had been used to going where the Army told him to go. He was accustomed to receiving a set increase in pay and promotions on a schedule. He learned the importance of negotiating and his worth in the marketplace on that first job in the civilian sector.

This is just one example where a career coach can be beneficial in your transition. It’s true you can buy a book, get advice from your friends/significant other and scour online resources for canned answers of ‘how it should work’. The reality is everyone has a unique transition with some common elements. Let me work with you to help you bridge the gap so you get what you are worth, doing what you want, on your terms.

I won’t guarantee you a job or a 6-figure salary but I can guarantee that if we work together you get my time, my focus on where your gaps are and how to close the gaps to position you for what you want. Let’s make your transition as seamless as possible, working together to get you the 2nd career you want not just a job.

You can find & connect to Tony on LinkedIn under “Antonio daRosa, PHR”.

Tomorrow will be the culmination of our discussion this week on Plan(ning) for Your Transition NOW. I hope to hear from more of you about your successes & struggles during your transition.

The picture attached is Tony’s real success story, our children Izzy & Leo. Contact me & let’s get you back on-track, in the right direction or jump started on your search.

Your Career Transition Coach, Liz

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