Plan for Your Transition NOW: Part 3 of 5

If you’ve been following this week you have developed your career goal(s) and committed to having an open-mind to the opportunities you come across.

Today, I will focus on ‘W’ for WIN! Odds are great if you are reading this you agree you belong to a World-class Winning Organization – the U.S. Military. Take that with you in your transition.

First Think Like a Winner!

As you know, attitude is everything and I’m sure it’s successfully gotten you through tough maneuvers, difficult leaders and challenging missions. Use that attitude to guide your transition to the civilian sector. It won’t be easy or quick but you can do this!

Then Act Like a Winner!

Take that never-say-die attitude and use it to push your actions forward. Your career goal, search, interviews, networking all should be informed by your winning attitude. This will attract quality opportunities and contacts. You may find you are given opportunities you never thought about or thought were out of reach.

Finally Be a Winner!

Attitude & Action will take you into the Winner’s Circle. You have been accustomed to receiving awards, commendations and promotions for exemplary service, skill and sacrifice – this isn’t going to happen with the same regularity in the civilian sector. You will need to prove yourself again. You aren’t completely starting over but you are starting over. Don’t let that keep you from believing you can make a meaningful impact in a civilian organization – you can & you will!

You know how to be a winner – you have lived Army Strong, Aim High, Semper Fidelis, Semper Fortis, or Semper Paratus. In your transition you aren’t leaving those values behind you are harnessing & developing them to sustain you & prove you have what it takes to secure the civilian job.

I want to work with Winners. I want to help the Winners make a successful transition to their next career. Let’s work together to show the civilian sector that you will bring WINS to their organization/team.

There have been some great posts from Day 1. I’d love to know who else is out there & who needs help. Winners realize when they need help. I can’t wait to hear from all the Winners out there. I’d like to join you on this new Mission: the Winner’s Circle in the civilian sector. I’m here to talk through what additional skills/plans you need to be ready.

Let’s accomplish this Mission together.

Your Career Transition Coach, Liz

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