Plan for Your Transition NOW: Part 2 of 5

This is the second in the 5 part series on planning for a successful transition.

I’m amazed & grateful at the dialogue generated by the title of my post yesterday. I appreciated those who posted their comments & know there were many more of you out there that read it and hopefully got you thinking. The post today is on ‘O’:

These tips need to be added to the ones from Networking for your Next Career.

O – Open to Opportunities


It’s essential you remain open to what the transition holds. Each transition has commonalities (moving, no more uniform, no more PT) but there are also unique qualities to YOUR transition which depend on YOU. Yesterday we talked about figuring out your new career…have you done that? Be open to what the world (ok, maybe you want to stay in the Chicago area) has to offer. Open your eyes – what is there that could meet your skill set and interest? Don’t limit yourself to a direct match to the job you held in the military, it probably doesn’t exist!

Be open to searching and going through the grueling federal resume writing process, searching for jobs and hurrying to meet deadlines for applications. Then be open to waiting…and waiting for a response.


This goes hand-in-hand with being open. Opportunities exist everywhere some could be a fit, but many won’t be; have patience and look at all opportunities in your path.

Your openness will net you positive traction but you need to act not simply have an open mind.

Openness is an attitude, a way of looking at things. Opportunity is what you find. Be open, ACT and find great things. Even when you find OK things, take the time to determine if it has potential, if it doesn’t move on. If it does have potential take the time to see if it might be ONE right opportunity for you. Focus your openness to opportunities with your next career goal as your compass. Got it? Sort of…Maybe…No! What are you waiting for? Your transition action phase is now!

Join me tomorrow as I discuss “W’ – Win.”

Your Transition Coach, Liz

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