A Couple of Nuggets from my Webinar, LinkedIn for Military: Make Better Connections

I’m sorry you missed the webinar today. This Webinar is the first in a series focused on the needs of those in/in transition/retired from the Military.

We discussed specific: 1) Avenues for Developing Connections; 2) Ways to Increase Quality Connections; 3) Actions to Gain Maximum Exposure for your Profile. These all lead to Attracting Better Opportunities which is a main goal of being a part of the LinkedIn community. Whether you are looking for your next career, want to meeting like-minded professionals or are looking for ways to expand your business these strategies should help you.

Anyone with a Military connection can post here & I’ll send you the Recording of the Webinar.

Here are a couple of nuggets from the Webinar:

  1. Provide Contact Information: Include some way for people to reach you besides sending a message on LinkedIn. Use the Contact Information area (in the top area), the Summary section (above Experience) and Advice for Contacting (at the bottom) to provide how you’d like to be contacted. I can’t tell you how many profiles I visit each day where the person states he/she is actively searching for a job but no contact information is provided. I wonder if these individuals realize they placed a large roadblock to their networking on LinkedIn.
    1. Don’t Count on InMails: Premium members are able to send InMails but they only get a certain number each month – odds are great they won’t bother sending you an InMail if you fail to provide any way to reach you.
    2. Want to be Contacted?: Make it easy by providing multiple ways to reach you. I include every form allowed, except We Chat, so anyone can reach me. I want to be contacted and realize not everyone is going to call (513.319.5022), many don’t have Twitter handles (@lizdaRosa), so I also include my email address (liz@tiptonintl.com) and the link to my blog (Personal Career Coach https://lizbeardmoredarosa.wordpress.com) and website (www.tiptonintl.com). If someone viewing my Profile is unable to reach me it’s not because I didn’t provide a laundry list of ways to make contact.
  2. Avoid Military Jargon: Translate to Civilian Terms
    1. ‘Supporting the XO’ translates to: Supporting the CEO/C-level members of an organization
    2. ‘20190101’ translates to: January 1, 2019
    3. ‘Mission’ translates to: Goal

After you implement these suggestions, send me a message & ask me to review your Profile. I’ll gladly give you my suggestions on improving it so you can get what you want (i.e. more interviews, more customers…) out of it.

Shameless Plug

Contact me if you are interested in discussing how Career Transition Coaching (reasonable monthly fee) might benefit your move into the civilian sector. I’m also available to re-write LinkedIn Profiles ($) and resumes ($). I will gladly give you a Critique of your Profile or Resume for FREE.

Let me know how I can support you!

Thanks again for all you do, Liz

3 thoughts on “A Couple of Nuggets from my Webinar, LinkedIn for Military: Make Better Connections

  1. Thanks for the summary, Liz! Your nugget about having contact information is such an important point.
    Looking forward to your next “share”.


  2. These are great insights, Liz. I would definitely like to get a copy of your webinar and perhaps a review of my LinkedIn profile. We just linked up this week on LinkedIn and I recently joined the HoCoHRS. I have a little over a year before I transition from the military but it is never too early to start all the preparatory work. Thanks in advance! Chris


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