Let’s #MakeHRBetter

HR Would Be Better If…

it was integrated into the business. In organizations where HR isn’t the main function (i.e. talent acquisition, benefits, payroll) the HR function can be forgotten as it is set aside as a separate business unit. When employees fail to see HR as a true partner in action a chasm between the employees and HR develops & partnership can’t exist.

I’ve seen this in organizations where the (2 person on-site) HR business unit supports multiple brands within a large company. The off-site HR folks are focused on talent acquisition so rarely need to have contact with most of the employees. The employees feel the divide because they lack any meaningful relationship with HR unless they file a grievance or are part of a progressive discipline meeting.

HR partners are tasked with increasing pressure to take on additional duties but it’s vital they make the effort to become involved in the daily interactions with employees. Closing the gap and forging relationships that lead to trust and partnership are essential to the HR function. I implore HR professionals to look at their employee relations initiatives for 2015 and determine how engaged they are now and what they can do to increase engagement and support of employees. Bridging employees’ isolation from HR will benefit all involved and provide a greater sense of trust with the HR team.

Let’s #makeHRbetter! Liz

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