Resolutions – Part II: 5..4..3..2..1 Happy New Year’s Eve!

Based on my Life Balance scoring, I’m in need of adjusting energy and currency. Here is my plan for 2015:

My training plan is to get outside 3x/week. One day for distance/endurance and two for time. Also, I will go back to the Friday night yoga class to decompress at the end of the week in preparation for an enjoyable weekend with family. These should get me to my pace goal of 11:29 by November 1st as well as giving me more energy.

For the past 6 months, I’ve had a subscription to Graze, at the start of each week I get a set of 4 healthy (yummy) snacks. I increased my order to 2 boxes per week so I have a healthy (correctly portioned) snack for each day. So I’ll have the tools to feed my body, how do I stay on-track? This morning, on Live with Kelly & Michael, Hugh Jackman and Michael were talking about a Cheat Day combined with their exercise regime keeps them camera-ready. While I don’t need to be camera-ready, except for selfies at my races,, it is a way to allow myself indulgences like a pizza and a brownie. The discipline to follow this will be key but I think the Cheat Day will help.

With the holidays over there is no reason to keep up my Amazon Prime shopping except for the monthly subscription of diapers and wipes. This provides me with one less stop at the store (more time) and a 15-20% savings.

For the past 4 years on New Years we’ve done a family party with a huge calorie-rich meal from a different country – that the guys cook. Tonight my husband and brother-in-law are making French food. So while I have my plan for 2015 set in stone, I’ll be enjoying the last day of 2014 eating cheese fondue, beef bourguignon, Bûche de Noël with a French Martini. The plan starts on January 1st and I’ll capture my success (struggles) on Road Racing with Liz.

Enjoy your celebration tonight & take time to reflect on your successes from 2014. I hope you will share your plan for the New Year next week when things get back to normal. I look forward to great things in 2015 and joining you on your career journey.

Happy New Year! Liz

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