REFLECT on 2014: Rate Your Life Balance

We are a few days away from welcoming in 2015. It’s helpful to do an honest evaluation of the year to determine what goals to set and where to focus our efforts. In developing a positive, pro-active Career Plan, it’s essential to look at elements of your entire life so you can (re) gain balance & are on solid ground as you move forward into 2015. Rate yourself from 1-4 (1 being BEST and 4 being WORST) for each.

Righteous. Could you always look at yourself in the mirror? Did you veer off because of money, recognition, pressure?  MY RATING: 1

Energy. Physical, mental, spiritual. What’s zapping/giving you energy? MY RATING: 3

Family/Friends. We all know that quality intimate relationships are vital to our overall health and outlook. Did you make enough time to develop & sustain these? Even if your best friend is your pet, did you take enough time on walks, playing ball or to simply snuggle on the couch? MY RATING: 2

Laughter. Were you able to use laughter to power through adversity? Avoiding depression, negativity and having a more positive outlook even if only in short bursts? MY RATING: 1

Exercise. Did you spend the year on the couch playing Wii? Are you an Olympian, but only in your mind? Where did physical activity fit into your daily/weekly life? MY RATING: 2

Currency. Did you live on credit? Deal with a job loss? MY RATING: 3

Time. Did you have enough ‘me’ time? Did you carve out enough time with your family/friends? MY RATING: 2

My Personal Assessment

While my average is a 2, you can tell that my balance is off in the areas of energy and currency. These are the areas where I need to focus more of my efforts even though my overall goal is to get to 1 in every area.

I went through a career transition this year and I can say that I was righteous in all of my dealings with my previous employer. While it’s traumatic to have a job loss it was better for me mentally and physically. The day it happened as I was driving home I was relieved. I had been so stressed out that my health was suffering. My closest relationship became almost solely focused on the issues at work. I wasn’t able to truly enjoy my children or ‘me’ time. People may not always like me but I do the right thing.

Even though I did nearly 20 road races over the course of the year, I wasn’t watching what I ate. I made too many trips to the drive-thru and had my husband make 1 too many pans of brownies. I sang in the choir at my parish but would constantly complain to my husband about the well-established group’s lack of openness to new members. They weren’t rude or mean they just weren’t welcoming. So while I love to sing, it’s just not the right choir for me so I made the decision in October to stop attending. Now I’m able to sit with my husband and little one during the service, something I hadn’t been able to do previously.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always been able to laugh. Quite frankly I’ve been accused of being too loud and I’m the one who, in a stressful situation, will make a comment that could seem ‘odd’ but will get a laugh. Unfortunately, I’ve sometimes hurt feelings by using laughter/sharp comments but overall it’s given me the ability to lighten a room even if just for a few moments. I realize this should be put in check sometimes but bottom-line, I love to laugh especially at myself and innocently making fun of situations. I try not to take myself too seriously!

While I did organized road races, I lacked in training. The training is where I had a huge missed opportunity in my times and my weight/conditioning. I create my own work schedule now so I have the opportunity to schedule training – no more excuses!

I discovered Amazon Prime a few years ago and I have to admit I’ve been doing way too much shopping. It’s addicting to place an order and have the items delivered to your door the next day. My husband will be happy to know that I’m putting a moratorium on these purchases (for a while).

With a career transition it affords you more ‘me’ time than I care to have but it did allow me time to spring clean before the holidays and catch up on the pile of magazines collecting dust in my living room. I’ve always been a type-A person but it’s always been stressful to plan an adventure (how I frame it to my 3 year-old). On the weekends my 3-year old son will ask me “What’s the plan Mommy?”  As I tell him about our ‘adventure’ for the day, even going to the supermarket he gets excited. I learned that you can have an ‘adventure’ by going to the park or by holding a Saturday movie night at home with a bunch of pillows and a yummy (healthy) snack. The ‘me’ time or quality time with family/friends doesn’t have to be a lavish dinner at a 5-Star restaurant.  The BEST adventure is making memories.

Your Rating/Assessment

What is your average rating? Or what one or two areas do you need to focus on to regain balance in your life? Do this before Wednesday when we talk about 2015 Goals.

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