Access Your (Workforce Development) Benefits: Gain Knowledge & Credentials

Today, I spoke with 2 transitioning professionals about the benefits beyond unemployment in their state; neither one knew specifics. During a career transition it’s essential to know what benefits exist and how to access these benefits (seminars, free coaching, workshops, re-training). Knowing what information is available helps those in transition to gain resume assistance, network, learn how to apply to a federal job, etc.

Myth: Re-training is NOT available to individuals with degrees.

Truth: Each individual situation is evaluated by the state Workforce Development Office. Contact them, follow the protocol for enrolling and see a counselor to discuss your situation & potential benefits.

Success Story:

Over the summer, I coached a Veteran who was in career transition. The Veteran signed up with the Veteran’s Administration and the Workforce Development Office, attended workshops, enrolled in a certificate program at a local college and took an industry certification. Through benefits provided for unemployed/transitioning workers, the program and industry certification were completely paid for by the State WD Office. These benefits were not solely due to veteran status. The Veteran became employed shortly before taking the industry certification but now is armed with that credential in his toolbox.

The abridged list has links to the Workforce Development Offices in states where I have professionals who are in full transition.

Call to Action: If you are in transition, contact your State’s office on the next business day and determine what benefits you are entitled to receive. Send me a note with your success story!

Transitioning Workers Seeking Re-Training: Workforce Development Office’s (by State)

FL Dept. of Economic Opportunity

IL Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity

KY Career Center

MD Workforce Exchange

MI Workforce Development Agency

NJ Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development

PA Workforce Development

TX Workforce Commission

VA Workforce Development

WI Dept. of Workforce Development

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