(In) Career Transition: Run Your Own Race!

My husband and I are avid runners. Ok, let me clarify. My husband has been running since high school, I on-the-other-hand, started speed walking about 10 years ago. This year I completed in the neighborhood of fifteen 5K & 10K road races. I set a PB (personal best) last month at the Inaugural Across the Bay 10K in Annapolis. It was the perfect weather for a race, low 50s, sunny, minimal wind. I thought a lot with each step I took up the incline to the base of the bridge with the other 2,000+ racers that started with me, my husband and other family members at the 8:30am start. Some runners took off ahead of the pack, most were comfortable at a moderate pace and then there were the people simply out for the experience at brisk walking pace. I was in the middle of the pack, the hard core runners zipping past me “on your left” “on your left.”

As we got on the straightaway of the Bay Bridge we were 186 feet above the Chesapeake, dozens of runners just STOPPED. Usually a runner or two will stop to tie their shoes, but these runners stopped to take a selfie with the Bridge and the Bay as the breathtaking backdrop. They looked around admiring the view, commenting on the once in a lifetime opportunity to stand on the Bridge. I didn’t stop but I did take in the view with each stride, it was amazing. I never look behind me while I’m racing but I did that morning – the view of the Bridge was awe-inspiring. I knew as I saw the Bridge disappearing that I was on pace for a PB, my stride was steady for miles and my arms were helping catapult me forward. I finished 7 minutes and 40 seconds slower than the average racer that day but a 12:43 pace was a PB and a WIN for me.

When I sign up for a race, I know the distance, the location & the terrain. Career transitioning is a race of unknown length and obstacles so you can’t totally train for it or determine how quickly you need to reach your peak pace. However, it was clear to me as I strode across the 4.3 miles on the Bay Bridge that if you keep your own pace, you can surprise yourself with a PB. It’s your race, if you want to stop and take a picture, DO IT, enjoy the view, go fast or go slow or Walk.

Make the Journey Your Own. Set your own pace. Run Your Own Race.

I’m done with races until the New Year but I’m already in planning mode. I have new running shoes, I located my winter gear, I signed up for my first race in 2015. I will set a new PB. I am in full-on goal setting mode determined to break my PBs, to look better, to feel better to make myself proud. I always have my husband and two little ones at the finish line cheering me on and I love hearing the sound of “Go Mommy!” from my 3-year old as I approach the finish line.

Let me coach you through this transition – helping you to achieve that PB and reach the finish line. I can’t promise you are on a 1 Mile journey or an Ultra but we can work together to get you to the finish, on your terms.

Have a happy & safe New Year! Liz

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